Acadia, Day 2: The First Sunrise

It’s commonplace for Aly and I to wake up earlier than we normally do when on vacation.  After all, there are adventures to be had.  This particular morning, though, had some novelty to it.  Bar Harbor is one of the easternmost points in the United States.  When the elevation of Cadillac Mountain is factored in, this point is the first patch of American soil to see the day’s sunlight for much of the year.  Not to miss out, Aly and I crawled out of bed and drove up to the summit. (D)  We were not the only ones with this idea as we probably shared the distiniction of “First in the US to see the Sun on September 19th, 2014” with about a hundred other people.  Regardless, we set up our chairs on an open rocky patch, wrapped ourselves in blankets and enjoyed the changing colors of the sky until the cool, morning sun popped out over the horizon.

Heading back to the Atlantean, we enjoyed our vegan breakfast and geared up for some hiking.  Today, we would explore one of the several “iron rung” trails of Acadia.  Our choice was the Precipice Trail. (E)  Beginning on the east side of the island, the iron stakes and ladders pounded into the rocky mountainside would allow us to reach the summit of Champlain Mountain.

Aly on the Precipice

Aly on the iron rungs of the Precipice Trail

While the hike is not one for those scared of heights, it is especially enjoyable and strenuous only depending on how fast you climb.  The trail provides excellent views of the harbor below and, upon reaching the summit, the full expanse of the forested collection of islands is laid before you.  After a leisurely snack and rest at the top, we head down the back (north) side of the mountain towards one of the park roads.

Champlain mountain summit 1

Summit of Champlain Mountain

The wonderful thing about Acadia is that, due to its proximity to Bar Harbor, the entire park is well served by shuttles.  Not only is this convenient but it reduces the occurrences of quiet nature being interrupted by a car zipping by.  We reached the bottom, scurried roadside to catch the bus and head back into town for a cider cocktail and a dinner of freshly caught seafood.

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