National Park #26: Great Basin, Day 1

We head out from Salt Lake city early on the morning of July 1st. Driving through the Great Basin gave incredible views of parched desolation. However, storm clouds would occasionally gather and provide some drama to the endless sagebrush sea.

In the Basin

The Sagebrush Sea

Once we got to Great Basin National Park, we set up camp at the Upper Lehman Creek campground (D).  Our site was right along the creek so that its noise was a constant presence.  Cassin’s Finches nested above our tent and an adult Red-naped Sapsucker with its own fledgling were regular visitors.  Yellow-rumped Warbler and Mountain Chickadees occasionally passed through.

RNSA_150702 - 001

Red-naped Sapsucker, adult

We then took a tour of the Lehman Caves(F), home to hundreds of “shield” formations as well as the more typical stalagmites, stalactites, helictites, flowstone, and popcorn formations.

150701_Lehman Caves

Lehman Caves, The Grand Palace room

The remainder of the ending day was spent exploring the Lehman Creek trails around the campsite.   Complete eBird checklist can be found here.

Next Day

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